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Welcome to Scuba Facts!


Hello! My name is Martín and I want to welcome you to Scuba Facts! We are a scuba driven site that wants to share knowledge and experiences with the world.


Our idea is to explore diving topics from a professional point of view and share that information with you. Our project is layered in three:


Our monthly articles will approach different diving topics: travel, environmental awareness, scuba health & gear. We will explore different aspects of this topics and lay them to generate a trustworthy and interesting source of knowledge for enjoyment and consultation. In addition, we will bring up our Scuba Facts and discover some diving singularities. You will come across some weekly facts on our Instagram account and a monthly fact which will be developed on our site. Lastly, every month in our Library you will find updates and reviews on movies and books closely related with scuba diving!


You will be able to follow the updates on articles, facts and Library through our Instagram account! Don´t forget to follow us and get in touch if you have any suggestion or feedback!


Scuba Facts

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